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Reputation.com was founded in 2006, with the mission of protecting an individual’s online reputation. We created the online reputation management industry, and for the last decade, we have led the way in building and innovating in this space. In order to deliver on our promise of monitoring and managing the online reputations of our clients, we have had to make sense of the constantly expanding Internet and world-wide-web. And to do so we have had to be on the leading edge of another rapidly growing industry – data science.

Over the last few years, our company has found a new market with our business product, and with it, we’ve opened up a new vein of interesting data sets and problems. When I joined Reputation.com, I felt it was important to share some of the discoveries we’ve made as it relates to online reputation. With one of the largest data sets of reviews for large companies in the world, we have had the opportunity to understand just how incredibly impactful reviews are (in most cases – in some cases, they have no impact). 

This blog is really an opportunity for the data science team to share and engage in a dialogue with others about some of our cool discoveries, and letting others get to know more about the tools (both infrastructure and process) that we use. In the next few months, we looking to publish some research on the impact of online reputation on local SEO, handling analytics with MongoDB databases, scaling out NLP with spark, and some thoughts on how to build out analytics infrastructure. Let me know if you have any suggestion for future posts – I can be reached at ajohnson at reputation.

Impact of Online Reviews on a Company’s Local SEO

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